“If you want impactful video without losing creativity, Dani of DLC Wave is sure to deliver! She insures your product is constantly in the forefront while the presentation of your message is magnetic. I use her for all of my video/production needs, and she never lets me down. Great videography, awesome music selection, creative filming and amazing editing … that is what she consistently delivers!”

Don Sanders
Educational Consultant ~ Cornerstone Group

“Dani is one of the most dedicated people I know. Her passion and enthusiasm around everything she does allows her to produce amazing results no matter the type of project. She is a unbelievable person to work with and brings unique ideas to the table at all times. I strongly recommend working with Dani on any project as she will bring the best out of you and the work.”

Paige Goss
Director of Operations ~ The Select Group

“Danielle worked with me on several of our client’s video projects and has always exceeded expectations. She listens carefully, collaborates with enthusiasm and stays on top of the budget and deadline. A talented musician herself, she blends music seamlessly with creative video techniques and editing effects. Her positive attitude, attention to detail and creative expertise make her a joy to work with!”

Carol Maurice
Creative Director
Maurice Design & Advertising

“I worked with Danielle both as a Video Imaging Specialist for ForRent.com, as well as a stakeholder on corporate videos she produced, and on my personal wedding video.

Danielle has an incredible ability to hear a client use their own, subjective words to describe the look/feel they want, and execute it perfectly on the first try. Especially in a business environment where it can get complicated trying to convey ideas, vision and feeling across departments, Danielle breaks down those walls. She has a keen ability to really hone in on what the overarching goal or emotion the video should evoke and execute on that. Her past work experience in sales, service and creative aspects of business allow her to communicate at any level of an organization, and understand different departments needs. If the requests are outside the scope of her vast knowledge, she is a self educator and again, has an extremely unique ability to hone those skills quickly.

In addition to being great to work with from a production and creativity standpoint, she is amazing with music/audio that goes along with video footage. As a musician, she is able to really pick up beats and sounds that accent what is happening on screen. I have seen her create her own tracks or pick the perfect song for a personal touch.I cannot say enough good things about working with her. She always goes above and beyond and I would hire her for any video project I had.”

Jennifer Drinko Glover
Director of Business Development
For Rent Media Solutions

“Danielle is a pleasure to work with. She maintains a positive, cheerful, patient attitude at all times. Her video editing skills are vast, and she is always striving to go above and beyond to create the perfect effects to make a video “pop” and keep the viewer engaged. She will make an excellent addition to any company.”

Sharon Harley
Creative Professional

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