My Last Day Poem

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       ((( A New Wave ))) Thanks for the t-shirts, the polos, the swag. I must go quickly and pack my own bag. Thanks for the coffee, the office, the friends. Thanks for the projects, the meetings, the trends. Thanks to Hells Kitchen where we made amends. Thanks for the surveys, activities and […]

2-Minute Demo Reel

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This is a dlcWave Productions two-minute demo reel that gives you a quick overall view of my work and capabilities. Over the years, I have worked with some awesome talent, companies and customers. To view the full videos, please visit my home page gallery. Questions or comments? Send me an email using my contact form. Many thanks […]

The Inspiring Erik Wahl

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While filming at the 2010 Florida Apartment Association event in Orlando, FL, I reached out to Keynote Speaker and Artist, Erik Wahl – I connected with Erik directly and put together a mini highlight of the performance, compliments of Erik’s work and vision has inspired me ever since.

Perfect Day for a Game

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  When I’m not working, I’m playing. Nothing better than 18 holes to start your weekend … or your life.

Another Bro Sports Moment

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  Tues. 9/10/13: Let’s go for a skate! Blades and boards were packed in the trunk and on reserve for after our “warm up” two-mile run. Seven miles and a runner’s high later, we decided the accomplishment was yet another “warm up” for Thursday. We decided that in 48 hours we would attempt a half […]

Shooting From The Hip

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  Shooting from the hip…literally. In July, I traveled to Carson, California to shoot and edit behind the scenes at the annual CrossFit games. The athletes were incredible and I met some awesome people.

Crossfit Games, 2012

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Workin’ the CrossFit Games in Cali

Behind the Scenes

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It’s not often you get a front row seat to an annual event like the 2012 CrossFit Games in California. The event…and the games did not disappoint. I had the opportunity to shoot and edit realtime during the event. It was chaotic… and so inspiring.