My Last Day Poem

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((( A New Wave )))

Thanks for the t-shirts, the polos, the swag.

I must go quickly and pack my own bag.

Thanks for the coffee, the office, the friends.
Thanks for the projects, the meetings, the trends.
Thanks to Hells Kitchen where we made amends.

Thanks for the surveys, activities and lunches.
Now I must leave and roll with the punches.

Goodnight stellar trade show moon.
Goodnight lame Garage Band tune.
Goodnight Norfolk, branded in blue.
Goodnight to you, Helvetica Neue.

Good morning to those who want something new.

The past six years were solid and true.
Memories, experience, laughter and tears,
These are the things that will last me for years.

So thank you all for giving me a shot,
Outstanding reviews, a temporary spot.
I am so grateful, determined and sad.
I am not bitter or broken or mad.

Goodnight to this chapter,
Goodnight to this chance.

Good morning new client.
Good morning new dance.

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  1. Big Momma
    October 25, 2013

    I think you have many new and fantastic waves coming your way! You are incredibly talented with that right brain/left brain thing going on. 🙂

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