Another Bro Sports Moment

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Tues. 9/10/13: Let’s go for a skate! Blades and boards were packed in the trunk and on reserve for after our “warm up” two-mile run. Seven miles and a runner’s high later, we decided the accomplishment was yet another “warm up” for Thursday. We decided that in 48 hours we would attempt a half marathon – the free version. The event was sponsored by our own adventure-seeking bromance. The run would benefit our psyche and push us toward an impromptu goal – to be awesome.

Thurs. 9/12/13: Let’s go for a run! Mole skin adhesives, cushiony socks and personal playlists replaced recreation with pure survival. Prior to our start, we were greeted by a beautiful double rainbow. We successfully covered 12 miles, including a pit stop, in the span of two and a half hours. Why not?! We chose a formidable 13-minute-mile pace to ensure we would make it out alive. Nearing the finish line, our form took on somewhat of a fun-mirror shape you’d witness at a local carnival. We made it. We each annihilated about 1,264 calories all in a day’s work … after work.











Sat. 9/14/13: Let’s go for a surf! We were due for a beautiful dawn patrol session and found a few small waves to ride. The water was calm and the semi-Fall season was unfolding in the yellow sunrise. Not bad at all. Our Saturday morning was complete with a visit to the Surfinista Cafe for some replenishing fruit bowls, coffee and sandwiches, topped off with a routine ping-pong showdown and discussion of the next round of bro plans. Next up – 10 mile run after work on Wednesday.

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